Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kylie & Brian, Woburn Abbey park

You know, sometimes you feel like the entire world's bad luck is following you. It's how I felt when I couldn't find the church I was supposed to meet Kylie and Brian at, just 2 days before their wedding. The roads were closed, my satnav was extremely difficult finding an alternative route and I left my mobile phone at home.. I was going round and round and round... and at some point I ended up going through this most stunning and peaceful park with reindeer. Even then, with the entire world's bad luck on my shoulders I started feeling calmer and calmer. So much I was astonished at the beauty of this place. Needless to say that the whole "bad luck trip" turned out to be a discovery of the most fantastic scenery for a wedding shoot! And just to finish the story. Tired from endless driving without a clear idea where I was going I popped in an antique shop (thank you lovely people!) and phoned home to get my couple's numbers and then spoke to them. Surprisingly they weren't cross with me and somehow I finally found my way to the church.

I am so, so pleased Kylie and Brian agreed to this little detour and we stopped at the Woburn Abbey park. It was only a quick photo session after the church ceremony and before the reception, but it gives a whole new perspective to their wedding!

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