Monday, 4 April 2011

Lauren & Sam, day 2 - Chinese wedding ceremony

Lauren and Sam's Chinese wedding ceremony took place the next day after their English wedding, at a Chinese restaurant in Northampton. It was my first experience of such a celebration and I kept my eyes wide open trying not to miss anything. And there was plenty to see: Chinese dragon dance, wedding tea ceremony, decorations and food of course!

Northamptonshire, March 2011

Guys are getting ready for the Dragon Dance

That was incredible! For the first 2 minutes I was trying to convince myself not to get scared :)) (the loud drum music adds it up)

and was surprised when saw children being so relaxed with these intimidating creatures!

Everyone was enjoying this spectacular entertainment!

Start of the wedding tea ceremony

The newly wed couple serve tea to their families starting with parents

One of the presents given to the bride during the tea ceremony

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