Wednesday, 8 June 2011

York & Albany & Nonna's deli

As promised earlier a closer look at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant York & Albany in London. Apart from excellent food (I did try some) and elegant interiors I was most impressed with the friendly and caring staff there. Let's not forget I am only a photographer at the wedding and usually by no means caterers' priority. At York & Albany I was treated most welcomed like a very valued customer thanks to Leanne and Toby's wedding coordinator and other staff.

The restaurant is divided into 3 main areas: upstairs where the bar is, with big windows and lots of light, downstairs where the kitchen area is, with everything in red and very dimmed lights and Nonna's deli, a small but so cosy area with a rustic feel used as a bakery and deli counter.

Photos from Leanne and Toby's wedding at York and Albany >>

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