Saturday, 6 August 2011

Indian wedding in London ~ Kateryna & Prakash

Kateryna and Prakash's religious blessing took place at the exquisite Indian restaurant in Chelsea Chutney Mary, only 2 days before their formal wedding (another post will be coming soon!). It was a small gathering for the closest friends and family, and Indian weddings are about bringing the families together. Ritual after ritual we witnessed how the priest was symbolically tying not just the bride and groom together, but also the both families. New to such weddings I was keeping my eyes wide open as I didn't want to miss anything out. But that wasn't necessary - the priest was ever so helpful and willing for Katya and Prakash to have the best images, he was guiding me throughout the ceremony and even called "the most important person" meaning that I have an important job to document this meaningful event.

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To view Kateryna & Prakash's engagement session click here >>

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