Thursday, 18 August 2011

London wedding photography ~ Laura & David

Laura and David are officially the most laid back bride and groom I've ever met. (I have realised it after they asked me if they could use my little old Rover as their wedding cortège to get to the photo shoot location! - I was rather flattered :) Seriously, I loved their approach to organising the wedding when instead of spending fortunes on rolls royces and fancy shoes they invited everyone they possibly could and threw a big party to celebrate this day. The big St James Church in Barnet where they got married was transferred into reception with lively ceilidh dances later. The light and the ambiance there were simply amazing!
My sincere congratulations to Laura and David!

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  1. Какая чудесная добрая свадьба и совершенно замечательная серия!


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