Sunday, 25 September 2011

Northamptonshire wedding photography ~ Philippa & Andrew

It is becoming more and more challenging for me to keep the blog up to date. No wonder - September has started as a very busy month and I am thrilled to see my calendar getting rapidly filled up with more photo shoots! So to keep things moving, but not to overstress myself I am likely to post here once a week. If you are awaiting for your session/wedding highlights - please bear with me and thank you for your patience! :)

This week I am pleased to share some of my favourite images from Philippa and Andrew's beautiful, relaxed and so family friendly wedding. I met Philippa, Andrew and their children Ethan and Amilia last year for their engagement/family shoot. Amilia changed so much and turned into the sweetest little toddler. And I could not believe how much Philippa changed too since I last saw her! She did a fantastic job not just preparing the wedding, but also preparing herself for the wedding and getting fit. I know how incredibly difficult it is to get into shape, when you have a busy family and work life and I am genuinely impressed with the result. Philippa, you looked beautiful! I wish I had a bit of your willpower!.. :)

But back to the wedding. The venue was Whittlebury Park in Northamptonshire which I will remember as a venue with the most entertaining pianist and speaker Lincoln Noel. I have never seen before such a relaxed and lively approach to a wedding ceremony (usually they are so official). It was a great pleasure to witness this unique presentation, Lincoln!

Maestro Lincoln Noel


  1. Lovely grand venue. You captured some special moments perfectly.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Natasha. You have without doubt created a Portfolio of Photographs that has captured the excitement, glamour, warmth and genuine happiness that this day exuded. The shots of me speaking to you are fantastic. I look forward to meeting and working alongside you again. xxx

  3. Aw... thanks for your kind words, guys!
    Look forward to seeing you again, Lincoln!

  4. Pip and Andy Prince14 November 2011 at 10:32


    Thank you so very much for an amazing collection of photographs. The day whizzed by (as we were warned by everybody)so it is even more important to have such beautiful reminders of the really fantastic time we had.

    Fondest regards,

    Pip and Andy


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